Extraction and Post-Processing

We can process hemp flower biomass into custom extracts and oils. We ensure we maximize the yield from the raw materials processed, and test all raw material for molds, pesticides and other contaminants. Our final extracts are tested for purity, and lab results are available for all products.

Cutting edge and efficient hemp extraction process.

CO2 extraction is the best, safest, and cleanest form of cannabis extraction. Cannabis oil should be extracted without toxic solvents, artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, thinning agents or corn syrup.


CBD extraction and processing

Through CO2 extraction, a solvent removes the compounds from the plant resulting in a crude oil.


CBD extraction

Ethanol is combined with the crude oil and put in a freezer so that the fats and waxes become insoluble. They are then precipitated and filtered out.


CBD Extraction Services

Heat is used to boil off any remaining ethanol so that only the winterized oil remains.

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