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Product Development

At CBW Labs, we work with our customers to improve or modify their formulations and products, or to develop entirely new products and formulations based on the customer’s proprietary specifications. Our R&D to production scale capability provides for rapid product development while being able to quickly transition into full scale production.

Our team has the expertise to work with you on your product development objectives and quickly bring them market. From concept to formulation development and testing, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery, CBW Labs can be your trusted partner for proprietary product development.

As a customer focused lab, we are able to meet a wide range of customer needs with our existing laboratory and processing equipment. Where new capability is required, we will invest in new equipment and processes required to bring your product to market.

Quality and transparency are our priority

We have the knowledge and resources to help you grow

CBW Labs realizes the importance of our partnerships with local and talented farmers. We want to operate within transparent and honest relationships, and in doing so, help build up family farms by offering options to sell, toll process, or help manufacture white label products from your harvest.

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Cannabased Wellness

Cannabased Wellness is committed to growing the highest quality hemp that we formulate into organic CBD products. Since 2019, we have been producing the highest quality products to help our customers.  

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