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Full Spectrum CBD Products

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All of our products are handcrafted with care in our Maine facility.  We grow and process our own hemp in order to ensure that our products contain only the best starting material.  All of our CBD is extracted using clean carbon dioxide, making our oils free of any harmful solvents.  We source our other ingredients from reputable sources, using organic ingredients whenever possible. 

Cannabased Wellness products have been helping people since 2019.  Give them a try and find out the many benefits to using CBD

Cannabased Wellness not only grows our own HEMP, but we have our own processing lab on site. Products produced on-site yielding the highest quality from farm to user.

Clean, pure full spectrum products that provide maximum relief and bio-availability

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From Our Farm to You

Sustainably Grown Hemp

Our Hemp is grown on a small farm in Western Maine. We focus on producing high quality hemp to ensure that our products contain the best possible plant medicine.

Clean CO2 Extraction

Carbon Dioxide is the cleanest method to extract cannabinoids from Hemp. With CO2, we can provide, high quality, whole plant extract without using and harsh or toxic chemicals.

Quality Product Formulations

We source quality, organic ingredients for our product formulations. Our lab technicians carefully blend quality ingredients with our Full Spectrum CBD Extract to make the best CBD products available.


Third Party Testing

Analytical testing of our products ensures that our products contain the right dose of CBD in every serving and are free of contaminants

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Cannabased Wellness

Cannabased Wellness is committed to growing the highest quality hemp that we formulate into organic CBD products. Since 2019, we have been producing the highest quality products to help our customers.  

Quality Hemp

Maine grown on a small farm

Precise Formulations

Carefully Crafted Products

Free, Fast Shipping

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Real Results

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Whole Plant Medicine